...I'm Mada

Event Planner / Artist Director
Founder M.E.E.N.

I came to Noto by chance or, perhaps, simply by destiny. This place attracted me, made me breathe its powerful energy and bewitched me with its charm. And it was precisely this bond with the territory that allows me to create for you a curated event that is cared for down to the smallest detail.

The event that I will design and create with you and for you I want it to be your exclusive Experience and not just a moment; I want it to convey unique emotions and sensations to you.

“I love sophistication,
beauty and obsessive attention to detail.”

Over time I have managed to build a large network of suppliers and to form a close-knit and professional team, with which to share the same vision, which is to want to enhance this territory and show its countless and profound nuances beyond what is visible to anyone.

My mission is that those who arrive here leave inebriated this place full of charm, history and contaminations. What I would like is to give you something out of the ordinary box and that you can keep among your most beautiful and intense emotions